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Item #: LU 100
CAS NO: [127-40-2]
M.Wt: 568.87
M.Fm: C40H56O2

Appearance: Light Yellow fine powder.

Lutein is obtained from refined marigold oleoresin, which is extracted from fermented marigold flowers. It has the characteristics of high-content, stability, bright color, strong coloring, anti-oxidation and safety. Lutein is the only carotenoids found in retina eye and lens. It can help prevent eye injury, visual degradation and blindness. It is an indispensable component material of the eye retina and macula.

Product characteristics:
Low ash, high purity, low heavy metal and solvent residue. It is manufactured under strict quality control system using the latest technology and the most complete product tracing system backed by superior technical service.

A powerful antioxidant, with the ability of absorbing ultraviolet, it is widely used in cosmetic products, medicine, aquatic products and other industries.


Identification – A & B Meets requirements
Water < 1%
Residue on ignition < 2%
Lead < 1 μg/g
Heavy metals < 5 μg/g
Organic volatile impurities Meets requirements
This product meets the specifications of USP31

Packaging and Storage:
Vacuum packed in 10 kg or 25 kg bags. Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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