Potassium Benzoate

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Mol. Formula: KC7H502
Mol. Weight: 160.2

White, odorless or nearly odorless. It is water soluble in water and slightly soluble in ether.

Functional Use in Foods:
Preservative: antimicrobial agent.
Conforms to U.S. Food Chemicals Codex Specifications
Conforms to National Formula specifications.

Appearance : White and fine granular powder
Identification : To pass test
Taste and odor : No off taste or off odor
Assay (dry basis) : 99.0% – 100.5%
Alkalinity (as K0H) : To pass test (0.06% max)
Heavy Metals (as Pb) : 0.0005% Max.
Lead : 2 mg/kg Max.
Water : 1.5% Max.
This material conforms to the NF limits for organic impurities. We acknowledge that the manufacturing process
indicates none of the subject organic impurities could be present.

Typical Bulk Density:
Typical Bulk density (tapped) : 46 – 50 lbs/cu.ft

Typical Particule Size:
Thru 2000 μm (US std mesh #10) : 60% min.
Thru 180 μm (US std mesh #80) : 5% max.

20 kg, 22.7 kg or 25 kg bag multiwall paper bags 500 kg, 907.2 kg or 1000 kg bag – bulk
45.4 kg fiber drum

Storage/Shelf Life:
Recommended storage conditions : a cool and dry place, in tight containers.
Typical maximum storage time : 2 year.