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Description: Activa™ TG-RM is a cross-linking enzyme preparation for food use, and has been designed for use specifically in meat, poultry and fish restructuring applications. Activa™ TG-RM allows for production of value-added, portion-controlled meat products with reduction in sodium levels. The active ingredient in this preparation is microbial transglutaminase.
Analysis Specification Method
Appearance/Product Description White powder Sensory Analysis
Loss on drying Not more than 10% 3g, 105°C for 4 hours
Transglutaminase activity 34-65 units/g Hydroxamate Method
Heavy Metals Not more than 20 ppm (20 μg/g) Sodium sulfide colorimetry (As Pb)
Lead Not more than 5 ppm (5 μg/g) Atomic Absorption
Arsenic Not more than 2 ppm (2 μg/g) Atomic Absorption (as As2O3 )
Standard Plate Count Not more than 5000 cfu/g Standard Method
Thermoduric Bacterial count Not more than 500 cfu/g Standard Method
Salmonella Negative /25 g Standard Method
Coliform Bacteria Negative /g Standard
Packaging: Activa™ preparations are packaged in 1 kg foil pouches. These pouches contain oxygen absorbers to maintain product functionality. The oxygen absorber should not be consumed. Ingredient statement: sodium caseinate, maltodextrin, and enzyme. Shelf-life and Storage Conditions: Activa™ TG-RM is stable for 18 months from manufacturing date provided it is kept in the original unopened package at or below 72°F (21°C) and 70% RH. Keep in Refrigerated or frozen storage for optimum shelf-life. Once opened the product should be used immediately after opening or resealed and frozen. Handling Instructions: Activa™ TG-RM is a powdered ingredient and should be handled with the normal handling procedures for powdered enzymes. Technical Use: General use levels are from 0.75 to 1.3% per finished product weight. However, these levels may vary with specific application. What is Transglutaminase or Meat Glue? Transglutaminase (TG), aka Meat Glue, is a natural enzyme that has the ability to glue protein-containing foods together. When raw meats are bound with TG, they typically have the strength and appearance of whole uncut muscles. Primary uses of transglutaminase include:
  • Making uniform portions that cook evenly, look good, and reduce waste.
  • Binding meat mixtures like sausages without casings.
  • Making meat combinations like bacon and scallops.
  • Producing special effects like meat noodles, meat and vegetable pastas, etc.
Additionally, TG can thicken egg yolks, strengthen dough mixtures, thicken dairy systems, and increase yield in tofu production, among other applications. How Does Transglutaminase Work? Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme in plants, animals, and bacteria. Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in chemical reactions; they speed up these reactions and in some cases cause reactions to occur that otherwise would not. TG bonds protein molecules together with a (very strong) covalent bond by linking the amino acids glutamine and lysine. Is Transglutaminase Safe? Transglutaminase is safe. It will not harm you or glue your hands together. TG is deactivated by most cooking techniques and imparts no off-flavors to foods. TG is classified by the FDA as a GRAS product (generally recognized as safe) when used properly. activa-rm Activa™ RM packaged in 1 kg foil pouch