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General Description:
WHETPRO®75 is a natural high protein, free-flowing powder extracted from premium quality Canadian wheat flour. Careful, enzyme-free processing, and stringent quality control procedures, guaranty a consistent, high-quality product. WHETPRO®75 is a highly functional vital wheat gluten for use in food systems requiring improved binding strength, increased ingredient carrying capacity and restructuring. It is also useful for adjusting the protein-carbohydrate ratio in flour to any desired level and for strengthening the “hinge” in buns and rolls. WHETPRO®75 helps prevent breakage in pretzels and other snack products without toughening the eating quality.

Product Characteristics:
• Excellent water absorption.
• A natural high protein.
• Forms a viscoelastic dough, absorbing about 1.5 parts water to one part gluten.
• Readily mixes with other dry ingredients and is easily handled and stored.
• Increases baking tolerances with increased absorption, mixing time tolerance, and fermentation tolerance.

Ingredient List
Vital Wheat Gluten

Suggested Applications:
• Flour milling
• Baked goods
• Breakfast cereals
• Pasta fortification
• Breadings and batters
• Meat, meat analogs
• Surimi products
• Pet foods and aquaculture

Typical Compositional Analysis – Dry Basis:
Protein (82% min., Nx6.25) – 83
Protein (75% min.,Nx5.7) – 76
Moisture (5.5 – 8.0) % – 6.5
Ash (1.0% max.) – 0.8
Water Absorption, % (150min.) – 160
Reconstitution Time (30 seconds max.) – 16

Microbiological Analysis- Maximum:
Standard Plate Count – 5000/g
Yeast & Mold – 500/g
E.coli – <10/g
Salmonella – Negative/25 g
Staphylococci – <10/g

Typical Physical Properties:
Color – Cream
Granulation: thru 45 USBS, % – 100
thru 80 USBS, % (75 min) – 94
Bulk Density: packed, lb/ft3 – 46
loose, lb/ft3 – 34

Optimum use levels vary with the product and method of production. Suggested use levels, based on flour, are:
Hard rolls, French, Italian, Raisin and related heavy breads 2 – 3%
Dark breads, including Rye 1 – 3%
Yeast-raised Sweet Goods ½ – 1½%
Pretzels and Crackers 1-2%

WHETPRO®75 may be added to system formulas either in the sponge or dough stage. In white bread, WHETPRO®75 should be added to the sponge. In variety breads, add at the dough stage. In straight dough formulas, WHETPRO®75 should be blended with other dry ingredients.

Add 1½ kilograms of water to the formula for each kilogram of WHETPRO®75. Increase mixing time 3 – 5% for each 1% of gluten. A slight increase in yeast food will improve gluten performance.

25-kg, multiwall, polylined paper bags
750 kg polypropylene totes

Vital wheat gluten is hygroscopic and may absorb moisture and odors. Adequate storage conditions are essential. Cool temperatures (10
– 20oC) and low humidity (<60%) are recommended. Ideally, stocks of vital wheat gluten should be used within 12 months, beyond which it may change slowly.